I am an American expatriate living in The Hague, Netherlands.  I like to read a lot.  I love to shop, eat and travel.  I work a lot.  I have a passion for decorating and then redecorating some more.  I love to shop for bargains. 

Mostly I find people highly entertaining and have been a nut magnet my whole life.  If there is a freak in my vicinity they will hone in on me.  For a few years now I have tried to get started with a blog to showcase the interesting folks I meet in day-to-day life.  Here we go!

The name of my blog refers to an odd little quirk about living among the Dutch.  “It is simply not possible” is a common phrase here.  Some folks think “oh, the Dutch, they smoke a lot of weed and they are very laid back”.  Au contraire!!  They are not laid back.  They have a rule, a law and/or a tax for every aspect of daily life.  They have not embraced customer service.  They also like to eat cheese sandwiches.  They are a pragmatic bunch.  I think this phrase for me – Simply Not Possible – captures the essence of our daily lives in Holland.



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